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Scotts Fertilizer - Your Low Price Solution To All Lawn Problems

We all know that having fertilizers are like foods for your lawn. Without it, your lawn will "starve" and left unprotected against insects / bugs and weed, not to mention it's very important if you are into gardening.  Therefore, this is why many people have been using Scotts fertilizer for many years (almost 10 years) for their lawn care.

Winning Features of Scotts Fertilizer

Their fertilizer (namely the Turf Builder) product has all the necessary nutrients packed into the fertilizer particles. This ensures your lawn gets 100% the organic nutrient it needs.

Unlike most other fertilizers, Scotts does not fill in their fertilizers with filler materials like sand, sawdust or even gravel. Rest assured you are getting what you pay for when it comes to Scotts fertilizer.

It is also very safe for pets and children. Basically, they can conquer the lawn and run about safely in your home yard.

What Scotts Fertilizer Can Do For Your Lawn?

The benefits are many.

scotts fertilizer difference

Your lawn will become strong. This is done by developing the grass to have deep roots.

It can make your lawn "thicken". But why is this important? You can space out the weeds this way!

It can also protect your lawn against heat and dry seasons. It does this by strengthening the overall quality of your grass.

It can literally make your lawn absorb more water. How is this possible? This is because the fertilizer cultures your lawn into absorbing more water, and thus more nutrients. Having the Water Smart technology in the fertilizer, this is not surprising.

Good Tips on "Feeding" Your Lawn

How many times should you use Scotts fertilizer?

You should feed your lawn 4 times a year. That's the general rule of thumb everyone else follows, and so should you.

What kinds of Scotts fertilizers should I use?

This will depend on your lawn condition and season of the year. Different situations require different types of Scotts fertilizers. For example, if you notice weeds on your yard, choose a fertilizer with anti-weed capability. If your lawn has just survived the harsh winter, you should use Scotts fertilizer (winter edition).

How do I spread the fertilizer onto my lawn? By hand?

No! You should use a trolley-like device. Simply pour the fertilizer contents into the trolley and you just walk through your entire lawn, covering each square foot area, ensuring proper fertilizer distribution. The fertilizer particles will be drip from the trolley underneath. It's just like mowing your lawn; there's no difference.

Here's how you can maintain your lawn for best "green performance"

Mow your lawn regularly. Keep them short and nice, just like how girls like guys with the clean cut look. You also have to mow correctly. Simply avoid the 3 mistakes as follows:

Mistake #1 - Mowing too low

If you cut your grass way too short, you deprive your grass its ability to reproduce, not to mention it exposes the root of the grass too. In addition, you run the risk of digging patches of holes in your lawn if your lawn is uneven.

Mistake #2 - Mowing way beyond 1/3 of the grass

So how deep should you mow? Here's a great illustration to show you.

1/3 mowing

Mistake #3 - Mowing with a dull blade

You might defeat the purpose of "staining" your lawn with ugly spots of yellow, dead grass all over the lawn when you mow with a dull blade. Why? This is because a dull blade doesn't cut, but it shreds the grass instead, making the shredded part to turn brownish yellow. You can imagine next what will happen if all of the lawn area gets cut with a dull blade.

nicely cut blade sharp
Good: Shows you the quality of grass cut with sharp blades


bad cut dull blade (shred with yellow spots)
Bad: Shredded grass results with dull blades


yellow brown grass
Bad result: This is how your lawn will look like if you use dull blades

But wait, there's more. Why should you avoid these common mowing mistakes? It's because with a properly mowed lawn, you will have a better result and effect from your Scotts fertilizer!

A healthy lawn will always make a good landscape for any homes. When you go with Scotts fertilizer, you know you are going in the green direction.